Poland Supreme Court

Warsaw, Poland

Nine arrested in Washington tavern brawlDEA agent charged with facilitating drug shipmentsThree shot in Miami suburbAlabama woman charged after baby found in motel freezerMexico's new government takes aim at drug cartel financesFeds seize $2.5-million in drugs along Arizona borderHundreds arrested as Paris riots continuePolice shoot armed may at Portland StarbucksRecord verdict in Washington County inmate drug withdrawal deathJudge who threw files at law clerk ordered back to work

In the Courts

Oregon v. Jackson

Agg murder

Oregon v. Kimbrough

Solicitation agg murder

Oregon v. Stevens

Drugs - Passenger search

Oregon v. Warren

Fraud - Joinder

Oregon v. Carter

Drugs - Joinder

Oregon v. Perez-Garcia

Sodomy - Collateral evidence

Horath v. Nooth

Agg murder

Oregon v. Now

Assault - Hearsay

Oregon v. Andrews

Harassment - Restitution

Oregon v. Colby

Assault - Bench trial; elements

Oregon v. Scheirman

Interfering - Prevent/attempt to prevent

Oregon v. Bese

CCW - Stop

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