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Call for prescribing WAY more anti-anxiety drugsTwo arrested in threats to California schoolsGrenade-throwing assailant attacks US embassy in MontenegroOpioids forcing some police to abandon field drug testsPortland to sue opioid companiesOfficer killed in MarylandLA deputy charged with sexually assaulting six inmatesCommercial robberies up 88 percent in BaltimoreFlorida deputies start carrying rifles on school groundsReport: Cartel dumped hundreds of bodies in border lakes

In the Courts

Class v. US (Supreme Court)

Firearm - Plea; appeal bar

Oregon v. Grimm

Private indecency - Miranda custody

Oregon v. Eladem

Sexual abuse - Statute of limitations

Oregon v. Fruitts

Neg homicide - Expert testimony

Oregon v. Davis

Att sexual abuse - Mens rea

Oregon v. Wirkkala


Oregon v. Mackey

Strangulation - Character evidence

Oregon v. Lulay

Sexual abuse - Prior acquittal

Oregon v. Frinell

Manslaughter - Sentencing

Oregon v. Moore

Rape - Sentencing

Oregon v. Chavez

Drugs - Other bad acts

Oregon v. Villagomez

Drugs - Commercial drug offense

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