Kotor Municipal Court

Kotor, Montenegro

Immigration from third-world Islamic nations skyrocketsSuspect in Reagan mask robs Colorado storeOhio woman with eight DUIs indicted in fatal car crashMan opens fire at his Wisconsin officeTwo deputies shot in Los AngelesConvicted murderer captured after escape from Maine prisonFlorida prosecutor accused of shoplifting beauty productsLong Beach police suspend use of self-erasing texting appSouth Africa court rules privacy rights protect marijuana usePennsylvania mom poisons toddler with drugs in sippy cup

In the Courts

Oregon v. Pryor

Assault - Mens rea

Oregon v. Heckler

DUII - Colorado predicates

US v. Lawrence (9th Circuit)

Robbery - Juror concurrence

US v. Estrada (9th Circuit)

Drugs - Wiretap

US v. Lynch (9th Circuit)

Drugs - Hearsay

In re Bertoni

Attorney discipline

Oregon v. Miller

Comtempt - Jurisdiction

Oregon v. Corcilius

Offensive littering - Public urination

Oregon v. Diaz-Avalos

DNA testing

Oregon v. Fenton

Assault - Probation conditions

Oregon v. Brown


Oregon v. Crow

Unlawful possession of animal - Merger

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